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What to Know About Information Technology Equipment Leasing

Few industries grow at an exponential pace – and fewer still grow as rapidly as information technology. With this growth comes the constant need for change and renewal. Thousands of businesses suffer from a lack of modernization. Healthcare systems are heavily plagued by this issue, for example. Some hospitals still rely on faxes and pagers to…

Heavy Equipment Leasing: What to Consider - Heartland Financial Group

Heavy Equipment Leasing: What to Consider 

Equipment leasing is an essential part of doing business in nearly any industry. Whether you are operating a food truck or are furnishing a satellite office for a Fortune 500 company, equipment leases and financing options allow you to preserve your business’ cash flow and working capital while expanding your scope, adding new services, or…

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Commercial Kitchen Equipment Checklist

Very few business ventures require as much initial time, effort, and money sink as opening a restaurant. If you ever wanted to run your own business and felt eager to jump straight into the deepest end of the pool, restaurant management is about as challenging as it gets. Margins are exceptionally tight, there are endless fluctuating and…

What Is an Equipment Leasing Agreement? - Heartland Financial Group

What Is an Equipment Leasing Agreement?

Acquiring equipment is expensive. Whether you are looking for a new forklift or an MRI machine, most equipment purchases can set a business back months of revenue. Any equipment acquisition must be considered very carefully, with every step of the process often requiring proper oversight from the highest authority in the company. An equipment leasing…

What to Know About New Equipment Leasing - Heartland Financial Group

What to Know About New Equipment Leasing

New equipment leasing describes the option to pay a set monthly cost for the right to use equipment as your own, without some of the benefits and disadvantages of full ownership. In many instances, leased equipment is insured up to a point, and repairs and maintenance are paid for. However, you may lack the right to modify…

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Benefits of Leasing Medical Equipment Rentals

Leasing medical equipment rentals are a necessity for many practices and hospitals. New equipment can be prohibitively expensive. Many practices and hospitals cannot afford to buy used while trying to build a patient base, as that might inspire less confidence than the look of a new piece of medical machinery. The medical industry is like any other,…

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Launch Strong with Start Up Business Equipment Leasing

When beginning a business, there are many things you must consider. The largest consideration is funding. Here is how you can launch strong with start up business equipment leasing. Starting a new business venture on your own can be nerve-racking. There are a million things to juggle, and half a million plates to keep spinning.…

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The Many Benefits of Leasing Restaurant Equipment

Leasing restaurant equipment is a great way to preserve cash flow, build capital, and grow your business. Here are the many benefits of leasing such equipment. The costs of running a business are immense. The costs of running a restaurant, however, are often even greater than the average business. Restaurants must worry about significant labor…

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How to Get Business Equipment Loans: Your Step-By-Step Guide 

Starting a business requires a substantial investment. Business equipment loans can help offset the risk of acquiring new equipment. Getting a business up off the ground is no small feat and involves much more than just securing initial funding. You will need to invest your revenue, cut your losses, cover your costs, all while retaining…