Different Types of Contractor Equipment Rentals

Contractor Equipment Rentals - Heartland Financial Group

Contractor equipment rentals can help you avoid the hefty financial hit of the initial purchase, dodge several repair and maintenance costs, avoid the risk of market fluctuations and depreciation, and allow you to focus on acquiring project-specific rental equipment rather than being stuck with an investment you cannot justify due to its relatively low usage. …

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8 Types of Factory Machines to Lease

Factory Machines - Heartland Financial Group

Factory machines come in all different shapes and sizes, from specialized equipment such as CNC machines to standard sand blasters. Factory machines or manufacturing equipment comes in dozens and dozens of different types. There are machines for pressing, folding, shaping, melting, cutting, machining, drilling, milling, shearing, twisting, tubing, and bending metal and polymer materials –…

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Business Leasing: Everything You Need to Know

Business Leasing - Heartland Financial Group

Business leasing can be a great tool to preserve capital and ensure that you don’t end up with the headache of needing to sell equipment. What is business leasing and when should you use it? Read below to find out. When managing a business, it is often wiser to lease property and equipment than take…

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How Does Equipment Leasing Work?

How Does Equipment Leasing Work - Heartland Financial Group

Leasing or financing equipment is a great way to expand and grow your business, but how does equipment leasing work? Setting up a successful business is very expensive. You need space, people, and equipment. Regardless of whether you’re manufacturing clothes, processing raw materials, or providing IT services, any new business needs the right tools for…

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New Lease Accounting Standards

Who is affected and how? One of the many reasons companies lease equipment and products is how they can claim it on their balance sheet. It is listed as an operating lease in the footnotes as “off balance sheet”. This means the item leased is considered an asset to the company and the lease itself…

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Top 10 Equipment Acquisition Trends for 2016

ELFA Press Release This list is created in the hopes of helping businesses in planning their acquisition strategies; data compiled from the Equipment Leasing & Finance U.S. Economic Outlook Report, industry participants’ expertise, and member input from ELFA meetings and conferences. 1. US investment in equipment and software will hit a new high, but moderate in growth…

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Construction Rental Rates Trending Upward

John Crum, of Wells Fargo, reviewed and surveyed the construction industry environment and executives within the industry this past year. The first three quarters of 2015 showed continued strength in equipment rentals and should likely rise through the New Year. Read original article: Construction Activity Strong in 2015: Rental Rates Continue Upward Trend

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2016 Equipment Management Conference

February 21-23 Hyatt Regency Gainey Ranch Scottsdale, AZ If you haven’t yet, be sure to register for the 2016 Equipment Management Conference. The holidays are upon us and it’ll be February before we know it. Don’t miss out on this great event where you’ll learn about a variety of asset classes. This is a great networking…

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Benefits to Leasing Equipment

Details you may not have thought of until now Do you know how leasing equipment can benefit your business? This article points out all the advantages to leasing and factors you need to consider before signing an agreement. Some of these may be obvious but some of them you might not have considered before. BENEFITS:​…

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