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How Used Equipment Financing Can Help Your Business

Used equipment financing is ideal for businesses that require a hefty investment in reliable equipment and don’t require the latest technology. Investing in new equipment can heavily compromise your cash flow, eat into your capital, and leave you vulnerable in times of crisis – especially during a global recession. One solution is to avoid buying…

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8 Types of Factory Machines to Lease

Factory machines come in all different shapes and sizes, from specialized equipment such as CNC machines to standard sand blasters. Factory machines or manufacturing equipment comes in dozens and dozens of different types. There are machines for pressing, folding, shaping, melting, cutting, machining, drilling, milling, shearing, twisting, tubing, and bending metal and polymer materials –…

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When Should I Rent Medical Equipment For My Facility?

When should I rent medical equipment? It depends. There are many options when it comes to renting or buying equipment for your facility. Learn more. The United States has a reputation for having one of the most complex healthcare systems to navigate among the developed world. The US provides state-of-the-art medical care both to insured…

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Short Term vs. Long Term Financing

Understanding how short-term vs. long-term financing options differ allows you to better manage your company’s strategic goals and finances. Learn more about the differences below. It also helps understand the importance of long-term partnerships with lenders and find out how short-term financing allows you to stay on the cutting edge of the industry or compensate…

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How Does Equipment Leasing Work?

Leasing or financing equipment is a great way to expand and grow your business, but how does equipment leasing work? Setting up a successful business is very expensive. You need space, people, and equipment. Regardless of whether you’re manufacturing clothes, processing raw materials, or providing IT services, any new business needs the right tools for…