5 Types of Commercial Equipment Loans to Expand Your Business

Commercial Equipment Loans - Heartland Financial Group

Commercial equipment loans are a valuable way to expand business in an efficient manner, but what type of loans are best for you?  The majority of businesses utilize commercial equipment loans to: Reduce upfront costs Preserve their cash flow Make better use of their working capital Benefit from the tax advantages of writing off the…

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Equipment Financing For New Business: How It Works

Equipment Financing For New Business - Heartland Financial Group

Equipment financing for new business can take time to research and secure. There are many different types, loans, leases to take into consideration. Read on to learn more. The cost of doing business as a newcomer can be prohibitive in specific industries. This is especially true for new companies and startups short on capital and…

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Equipment Leasing vs. Equipment Financing

Outright purchasing equipment for short term use often doesn’t make financials sense. Outright purchasing equipment for short term use often isn’t in the budget. When your company has these type of equipment needs, the choice is between leasing and financing the equipment. There are certain considerations to be factored and certain benefits to each route.…

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