Launch Strong with Start Up Business Equipment Leasing

Start Up Business Equipment Leasing - Heartland Financial Group

When beginning a business, there are many things you must consider. The largest consideration is funding. Here is how you can launch strong with start up business equipment leasing. Starting a new business venture on your own can be nerve-racking. There are a million things to juggle, and half a million plates to keep spinning.…

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How Commercial Financing Benefits Your Business and Your Customers 

Commercial Financing - Heartland Financial Group

Commercial financing options are ideal for when you need an influx of capital without endangering your cash flow or seeking traditional lending options. Commercial financing only differentiates itself from other kinds of financing in that business-specific loans may be easier to apply for and offer lower overall interest rates than personal or traditional loans. If…

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How to Get Business Equipment Loans: Your Step-By-Step Guide 

Business Equipment Loans - Heartland Financial Group

Starting a business requires a substantial investment. Business equipment loans can help offset the risk of acquiring new equipment. Getting a business up off the ground is no small feat and involves much more than just securing initial funding. You will need to invest your revenue, cut your losses, cover your costs, all while retaining…

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How Do Commercial Loans Work?

How Do Commercial Loans Work? - Heartland Financial Group

How do commercial loans work? There are a few different types of loans, for those with different needs and goals. Read on to learn about the specific options available. Most businesses need some windfall to get off the ground. It’s costly to start a company. There are manufacturing and logistic costs. There are storage costs.…

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Business Leasing: Everything You Need to Know

Business Leasing - Heartland Financial Group

Business leasing can be a great tool to preserve capital and ensure that you don’t end up with the headache of needing to sell equipment. What is business leasing and when should you use it? Read below to find out. When managing a business, it is often wiser to lease property and equipment than take…

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What Is a Paydex Score?

What Is a Paydex Score? - Heartland Financial Group

Building up a strong Paydex Score and a healthier business credit score is essential. Learn what a Paydex Score is and how it may affect you.   Financial relationships are at the core of any business. It’s how you conduct transactions with others that influence your company’s reputation and improves your likelihood of success – especially…

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The 8 Most Popular Types of Business Loans

Types of Business Loans - Heartland Financial Group

Business financing and equipment leasing are essential aspects of growing your company – here are the eight most popular types of business loans and how they are beneficial. Seeking the right partner is at the core of any business’s long-term financing strategy. Financing is about more than just access to capital – it’s about building…

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