The 8 Most Popular Types of Business Loans

Types of Business Loans - Heartland Financial Group

Business financing and equipment leasing are essential aspects of growing your company – here are the eight most popular types of business loans and how they are beneficial. Seeking the right partner is at the core of any business’s long-term financing strategy. Financing is about more than just access to capital – it’s about building…

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Everything You Need To Know About Vendor Financing

Vendor Financing - Heartland Financial Group

What Is Vendor Financing? Vendor financing is a special type of financing wherein the seller lends money to the buyer to buy the seller’s inventory. The money lent to the buyer will be paid back with interest in a deferred loan. Such financing options exist to enable transactions under circumstances where the buyer isn’t able to purchase outright…

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What is a Landlord Subordination Agreement?

Do you need one? Small businesses, especially start-ups, may not be able to afford space to run their business, which means renting out an office is the only option. This is where SBA Loans come into play; but it’s not only about the loan, you should know about a landlord subordination agreement and how it…

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