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Ins and Outs of Commercial Truck Financing

To get into the trucking business, you first need a truck. New trucks, however, are incredibly expensive – a good truck can put you back six figures and leave you in a mountain of debt if you aren’t prepared for the purchase. Commercial truck financing can help you offset the operating costs of a truck…

Benefits of Business Equipment Financing - Heartland Financial Group

Benefits of Business Equipment Financing

Business equipment financing and leasing opportunities present businesses with the financial tools needed to expand, move ahead of the competition, continue to innovate within the industry, and bet on their success – at the cost of specific risks. Borrowing money can always get difficult or awkward between individuals, but it is practically a must for…

What Is Medical Equipment Financing? - Heartland Financial Group

What Is Medical Equipment Financing?

 Medical equipment financing helps your business better represent its interests by taking pressure off your finances to reinvest into your hiring process, staff training, down payments for expansion, day-to-day medical supplies, and a host of assorted costs. Finding the right partner to fulfill your medical equipment financing needs helps your practice or hospital minimize the financial risks…

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How Used Equipment Financing Can Help Your Business

Used equipment financing is ideal for businesses that require a hefty investment in reliable equipment and don’t require the latest technology. Investing in new equipment can heavily compromise your cash flow, eat into your capital, and leave you vulnerable in times of crisis – especially during a global recession. One solution is to avoid buying…

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When Should I Rent Medical Equipment For My Facility?

When should I rent medical equipment? It depends. There are many options when it comes to renting or buying equipment for your facility. Learn more. The United States has a reputation for having one of the most complex healthcare systems to navigate among the developed world. The US provides state-of-the-art medical care both to insured…

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The Ultimate Guide to Heavy Equipment Financing 

Heavy equipment financing can be beneficial for any business in any industry. Learn about all of the perks of financing equipment.   Heavy equipment refers most commonly to construction equipment needed to move large loads. However, it can also refer to mining, lumbar, and other industries that require heavy-duty machinery to perform critical tasks. Heavy equipment…

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Equipment Financing For New Business: How It Works

Equipment financing for new business can take time to research and secure. There are many different types, loans, leases to take into consideration. Read on to learn more. The cost of doing business as a newcomer can be prohibitive in specific industries. This is especially true for new companies and startups short on capital and…


Equipment Leasing vs. Equipment Financing

Outright purchasing equipment for short term use often doesn’t make financials sense. Outright purchasing equipment for short term use often isn’t in the budget. When your company has these type of equipment needs, the choice is between leasing and financing the equipment. There are certain considerations to be factored and certain benefits to each route.…


Questions To Ask Before Financing Equipment

When contacted by a leasing company, you will be asked many questions to better understand your business needs. It is important for you to also ask questions so you can understand the company you will potentially be dealing with and the services they will provide. We have compiled a list of questions to get you…