5 Types of Commercial Equipment Loans to Expand Your Business

Commercial Equipment Loans - Heartland Financial Group

Commercial equipment loans are a valuable way to expand business in an efficient manner, but what type of loans are best for you?  The majority of businesses utilize commercial equipment loans to: Reduce upfront costs Preserve their cash flow Make better use of their working capital Benefit from the tax advantages of writing off the…

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How to Get Business Equipment Loans: Your Step-By-Step Guide 

Business Equipment Loans - Heartland Financial Group

Starting a business requires a substantial investment. Business equipment loans can help offset the risk of acquiring new equipment. Getting a business up off the ground is no small feat and involves much more than just securing initial funding. You will need to invest your revenue, cut your losses, cover your costs, all while retaining…

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Computer Financing: The Best Options to Set Up Your Business for Success 

Computer Financing - Heartland Financial Group

Due to shortages, computers have become increasingly more expensive. Computer financing has the potential to save your company a significant amount of money. Equipment leasing and financing options are the way to go for most businesses looking to outfit themselves with pricy heavy-duty equipment, move to a new location, or acquire commercial real estate. But…

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What To Look for In Equipment Leasing Companies 

Equipment Leasing Companies - Heartland Financial Group

Equipment leasing has the potential to save you a large amount of money. Here are some things you might want to consider when looking for equipment leasing companies.  Lean growth is the name of the game. Managing your costs effectively and reinvesting your profits wisely is important to survive against today’s stiff competition, regardless of…

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Factory Equipment: The Basics of Leasing and Financing

Factory Equipment Leasing and Financing - Heartland Financial Group

Factory equipment is an essential aspect of business, but what is the best way of financing and receiving new equipment? Here’s what you should know about leasing and financing options. Whether you run a small business or manage acquisitions for a larger company, having heavy equipment break down can put a massive dent in your…

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Different Types of Contractor Equipment Rentals

Contractor Equipment Rentals - Heartland Financial Group

Contractor equipment rentals can help you avoid the hefty financial hit of the initial purchase, dodge several repair and maintenance costs, avoid the risk of market fluctuations and depreciation, and allow you to focus on acquiring project-specific rental equipment rather than being stuck with an investment you cannot justify due to its relatively low usage. …

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How Used Equipment Financing Can Help Your Business

Used Equipment Financing - Heartland Financial Group

Used equipment financing is ideal for businesses that require a hefty investment in reliable equipment and don’t require the latest technology. Investing in new equipment can heavily compromise your cash flow, eat into your capital, and leave you vulnerable in times of crisis – especially during a global recession. One solution is to avoid buying…

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8 Types of Factory Machines to Lease

Factory Machines - Heartland Financial Group

Factory machines come in all different shapes and sizes, from specialized equipment such as CNC machines to standard sand blasters. Factory machines or manufacturing equipment comes in dozens and dozens of different types. There are machines for pressing, folding, shaping, melting, cutting, machining, drilling, milling, shearing, twisting, tubing, and bending metal and polymer materials –…

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How Do Commercial Loans Work?

How Do Commercial Loans Work? - Heartland Financial Group

How do commercial loans work? There are a few different types of loans, for those with different needs and goals. Read on to learn about the specific options available. Most businesses need some windfall to get off the ground. It’s costly to start a company. There are manufacturing and logistic costs. There are storage costs.…

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When Should I Rent Medical Equipment For My Facility?

Rent Medical Equipment - Heartland Financial Group

When should I rent medical equipment? It depends. There are many options when it comes to renting or buying equipment for your facility. Learn more. The United States has a reputation for having one of the most complex healthcare systems to navigate among the developed world. The US provides state-of-the-art medical care both to insured…

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