Leasing & Financing Services

We have the experience, expertise and resources necessary to meet each of our clients’ unique equipment leasing needs and align them with their business objectives. 

Heartland’s singular focus is leasing equipment from all manufacturers, vendors and value added resellers to businesses across a range of industries. We pride ourselves on the highest level of integrity and client service. 

Heartland’s experienced leadership is centered on creating financial solutions customized to each client’s specific needs.

Quick and Easy

For transactions up to $200,000, Heartland can approve the request application-only (no tax returns or financial statements required) in as little as 2 hours. For requests exceeding our application-only program, Heartland provides leasing and financing with a short and abbreviated financial package.

Keys to Success

We believe that building strong relationships with our clients is the cornerstone of our success. The Heartland Group has the industry knowledge and product expertise to take your business to the next level.


To fund the most complicated lease structures, including off-balance sheet leases, $ buyout, step leases, PRO leases, deferred payments, note and security agreements and other lease structures to meet the Lessee’s uniquely specific leasing requirements.


To provide lease terms and payments to help the lessee optimize cash flow. These include terms from 2 to 10 years with low monthly payments and end-of-term buyouts through customized structures. Lessees are able to customize a program to meet their company’s cyclical fluctuation. Some leases allow you to skip one or more payments, an important feature for seasonal businesses.

100% Financing

To allow more upfront cash to invest back into revenue generating activities. With leasing, there is no down payment requirement. We also finance soft costs such as installation, maintenance, training and consultation cost, etc.

Cash Flow

To help eliminate significant upfront capital expenditures. Unlike paying cash for a capital purchase, leasing matches the asset’s expense to its useful life. Heartland also makes budgeting easier by providing fixed-rate financing, rather than a floating rate tied to Prime or Libor.

Tax Advantages

To meet the customers’ accounting and financial needs. Leases can be depreciated for tax purposes or recognized as rental expenses.

Balance Sheet Management

To help maintain certain key financial ratios. Banks often place covenants on a customer based on cash flow or balance sheet related ratios. Our lease options are designed to accommodate these situations, providing either on or off-balance sheet lease structures.


To establish long-term relationships with our clients, not only by providing aggressive pricing and flexible structures, but also by serving as finance consultants and closely guiding our clients throughout the entire leasing process.

With over 50 years of combined experience in equipment and asset based financing, our senior management team is dedicated to communicate effectively and respond quickly to our clients' ever changing needs.